What is “One@Vote”?

One@Vote is a software solution aimed at streamlining voting procedures during any type of shareholder meeting and for any organization that requires occasional shareholder voting.

one@vote helps joint stock organizations or large holding companies with numerous participations and large and complex shareholding structures, to conduct various voting procedures according to their statutes, legislation and regulatory requirements, in a safe and reliable manner.

More often than not, registering shareholders and their votes can be a difficult process due to several factors:

  • Applicable legislation
  • Tight regulation
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Organization’s bylaws
  • …etc.

Due to the complex requirements related to vote confidentiality, procedure auditing, voting options, accessibility, security etc., managing voting procedures for large shareholder structures can become a nightmare with direct consequences on the organization’s public perception.


One@vote offers the secure environment for:

  • Voter registration (by direct input or list import)
  • Multiple types of voting (electronic, mail-in, physical, direct or delegated, open, secret)
  • Voter group definition (based on vote delegation or voting rights based on shareholding types and volume)
  • Barcode based vote validation against the shareholder list and types of vote expressed
  • Audit trail for all actions and all the people involved in the actions
  • Voting ballots generated from the meeting’s agenda
  • Mail-in ballot scanning, validation and storage
  • Mail-in vote cancelling if shareholder decides to vote in person
  • Corrective measures based on various possible exceptions

Security Features

  • Data encryption with asymmetric keys allowing for secure data storage, only visible to the authorized users
  • IP restrictions for authenticated users – authorized users can only log in from authorized IP addresses
  • Full audit capabilities for each action done in the system, by any user, stored with the current and the initial value
  • Extensive logging capabilities for all operations such as data import and export as well as related document generation

One@Vote offers the following functionality:

  • Administration
    • User Management
    • Archiving/Safety Copy
    • Restore
    • Reset
  • Configuration
    • Application parameters
    • Meeting setup
    • Meeting parameters setup
    • Group proposal
    • Meeting agenda
    • Agenda details
    • Ballots
    • Ballot details
  • Import/Export
    • Database import
    • Export List of Shareholders Eligible for Mail Voting
    • Status
    • Depositor Minute
  • Power of Attorney
    • Registration
    • Power of Attorney Re-listing
  • Concerned Groups
    • Group definition
    • Group details
  • Voting Operations
    • Shareholder operations
    • Voting input
    • Voting correction
    • Vote picking
    • Other actions