What is “Risk Accounting”?

Risk Accounting is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution that incorporates a new and revolutionary method of quantifying exposure to risk. Its common risk quantification and reporting framework expresses all forms of risk using a new, universal metric the “Risk Unit” or “RU”. Outputs in RUs are aggregatable across all horizontal and vertical dimensions of an enterprise.

Accounting standards are designed to report historic financial performance and condition. They do not consider the risks businesses accept in pursuit of shareholder value creation. This severely inhibits the effective governance, management and regulatory supervision of businesses as there is no accounting framework that reports the extent to which a firm’s risk position may be impacting or even endangering its financial condition. This leaves boards and CEOs exposed to ‘unexpected losses’ which, as the global financial crisis of 2007/8 and other recent corporate disasters have demonstrated, can be catastrophic.

Risk Accounting resolves this issue by accounting for the exposures to risk inherent in transactions.

Risk Accounting’s common risk measurement framework and a standardized unit of risk measurement – the “Risk Unit” or “RU” – is used to quantify, aggregate and compare all forms of inherent and residual risks. In this way, the monetary values assigned to transactions in accordance with accounting standards are complemented by risk values in RUs.

The pairing of accounting and risk values at the transaction level provides the foundation for a true enterprise risk management (ERM) system that is tied to official accounting records. It further enables accounting to be risk-adjusted thereby making economic profit, rather than accounting profit the primary performance metric of businesses.

The Vision

Today’s world is so obsessed with generating short term revenues and profits that, most of the time, innovation gets in the way.

Innovation takes time and resources which very few are prepared to allocate with a view to potential revenues and profits. If realising potential means more than a quarter, especially in unknown market conditions, then the project is a no go.

At Sinoptix we think differently… Would our investment bring positive change? Then it’s WORTH IT.

Risk Accounting in itself is a visionary approach to quantifying risk into a manageable business dimension. Providing the tool-set that enables the business use of Risk Accounting will then definitely bring a positive change: to the people, to the business ethics, to the business decisions, TO THE WORLD…  And this is why we did it.

The Solution

MetRisQ is a web based, fully configurable software solution that allows business users to input data through simple questionnaires. The data is further converted into quantifiable parameters which are processed by a specialized calculation engine, delivering immediate intelligence to the user.

The main feature of MetRisQ is its ability to aggregate, corelate and consolidate the data into an high-level view of the organization’s overall risk exposure, with the ability to drill down to any relevant detail.

As such, MetRisQ opens up new optimization possibilities for the business, by allowing decision makers to precisely focus on the weak spots and by suggesting immediate remedial action, while also providing the estimated impact of the improvement.

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