What can Infinica Help With?

Personalized communication is key to customer acquisition and retention, but when the customers are in the thousands and even millions, that is not very easy.

Personalizing a high volume of documents (from hard copy to electronic) in as little time as possible and deliver them through various channels (from regular mail to email to making them available for download into a client account) is a complex and difficult endaveour. Why?

Because the whole process needs to be flexible, to allow for last minute changes and make sure it gets properly documented for later performance analysis and improved decision making.

This is what Infinica helps with, providing the tools for high volume, personalized communication to be easily and properly handled by organizations of any size and to engage any number of customers by delivering messages, encouraging and collecting feedback and automatically process transactions electronically, thus saving valuable time and resources while significantly improving results.

The Solution
Infinica is a document automation platform that allows for high speed, personalized document output, in virtually any format, through any channel, at any time.
This type of functionality is based on documents being managed as a collection of information containers, such as text, graphics, data, input fields etc.
Such containers can be fixed or dynamic, can be reused or optimized, depending on the need. Thus, the cumbersome process of maintaining and updating document templates becomes history and anything you imagined you could do better with your client communication becomes a possibility.
Client data can be fed into the dedicated fields, formating can be adapted based on business rules defined within the template and the speed of document generation will only be dependable on the processing power it relies on.
Infinica can help you define new, innovative ways to engage your clients, while keeping the management of such ways very simple and reliable.


The Benefits

In the client communication department, Infinica can help you achieve the following:

  • Streamline your client communications by cutting costs and removing complexity
  • Improve the look and feel of your documents
  • Add interactivity options to your communication
  • Integrate with additional enterprise systems for a more comprehensive approach
  • Automate client interaction based on business rules
The Reference Story

A large telecom operator in Romania was spending a lot of time and resources on maintaining and updating hundreds of contract and addendum templates, used in their commercial activities. The issue became even more visible during a large rebranding project when, only the contract template updating required months of efforts, regardless that the number of contracts was reduced to ensure timely delivery.

The whole process was subject to errors and repetitive input while the end result was not satisfactory from an operational perspective (in the case of the printed output, it needed to be sorted manually for example).

Using Infinica, the process required only 3 different templates that could be used for a variety of contract categories, it resolved the manual sorting issue and removed the tedious template maintenance and update routines by employing reusable document elements and centrally managed assets (such as logos and certain document sections).

Moreover, the organization now has the capability to expand the use of the solution by introducing intelligent forms for feedback collection and automated transaction processing (such as automated accepted offer transformation into an electronically delivered contract.

The solution generated significat cont reductions related to the entire contracting process as well as to the way the contract templates were managed.