What is FocusON Pharma?

A web-based, one-stop-shop solution for pharmacies to centrally manage all their display shelves space and drive additional revenue from:- Increasing sales due to optimal shelf positioning- Improving bottom line by increasing discounts and rebates obtained from suppliers by proving optimized product positioning- Optimizing shelf positioning activities by centrally managing available spaces

What does it help with?

In a nutshell? With optimizing and automating the pharmacy display management activities…

Better shelf positioning optimizes sales, but this requires tedious manual labor and it is difficult to monitor and prove to suppliers without having to gather and consolidate individual reports from each and every location.

FocusON Pharma helps pharmacy chain operators by:

  • centrally managing all available space in all pharmacies in a chain,
  • managing the active contracts and commitments,
  • communicating the positioning requirements to each of the pharmacies,
  • providing proof of shelf display to their suppliers,
  • tracking and reporting on the generated sales results etc.

It is also known that certain medication has a seasonal sales pattern. Based on the season or weather or age groups, one medication type is in more demand than another. This can also be used by pharmacy chain operators to better promote a supplier’s product preferentially by better placement, in exchange for a fee or an additional discount form that supplier.


Quite simple… FocusON Pharma allows pharmacy chains to:

  • Identify, configure and manage all their display space regardless of their size, layout, geographic location etc.
  • Micro-define and differently price display positions based on their location in the client’s field of view when entering the pharmacy and approaching the desk.
  • Manage available spaces, allocate them individually on campaigns, suppliers or time periods.
  • Provide the employees in each pharmacy location with specific positioning instructions in a standardized, graphic format.
  • Show map locations of the pharmacies with details about the available space displayed on mouse hover, and more.

The solution is user friendly for business users and does not require specialized IT support for casual operation. It provides the users with reports on:

  • Total available space
  • Available space distribution and occupancy rate
  • Contract value per pharmacy
  • Contract value per user
  • Monthly value over time
  • Place rankings over time
  • Contract value by supplier etc.
Interested in the Benefits?

Who wouldn’t be? FocusON Pharma provides at least the following benefits to its users:

  • Significant cost and time savings for all pharmacy and central administration personnel involved in display space management, contracting and keeping track of the service delivery.
  • Additional revenue generating opportunities by more effective space availability management.
  • Improved tracking and control over contracts and service delivery.