What is AQ Assist?

AQ Assist is a solution aimed at private companies manging investment projects financed from EU funding. It contributes to a better and more systematic approach, with the ability to more carefully manage the purchasing activities as well as provide the required documentation for the EU specific approval and fund reimbursement processes.

Solution Outline
Considering the level of complexity of the requirements specific to EU financing and the negative impact of not complying to them, our solution helps EU funded businesses by providing the following functionality:
  • The ability to define:
    • Projects – involving milestones, activities, budgets, roles, workload by role
    • Roles – personnel allocation by different responsibility levels
    • Tasks / Activities – which will be generated towards the HR department with a view to closing contracts
    • Budgets
  • The ability to monitor:
    • Project management terms and conditions
    • The completion of the project related purchasing activities
    • Budget limits and delivery deadlines
  • The generation of:
    • Activity reports
    • EU compliant project documentation

Apart from such an application being financed by the EU as part of EU financed projects, the functionality provided allows the users to significantly reduce:

  • The workload of the human resources allocated on the project
  • Errors
  • Non-compliance related liabilities and costs

Based on the above, our solution is a positive example of a cost/benefit balance as well as long term benefit through the additional assurance of EU funded projects success.

Solution components
  1. Project Management – includes project definition elements, purchasing plan, purchasing activities monitoring
  2. Document Template Management – template definition and archive
  3. Financial Management – financial document input, budget structure definition (including structure import and export), financial indicators and project monitoring from a budgetary perspective
  4. HR Management – activity reports and timesheets, labor contracts, activity calendar for the users
  5. Administration/Archive – user definition, role attribution, supplier management, document archive, notifications, Help function etc.

Solution Screen Shots