innovative solutions with niche to Mainstream Applicability

We found it suitable to invest in developing innovative solutions to address critical market needs, unexplored by bigger, more powerful players in the enterprise solutions market.

MetRisQ - The world's first Risk Accounting Solution

MetRisQ stands for Metrics for Risk Quantification and is the world’s first software solution to implement the leading edge Risk Accounting method. Risk Accounting is a risk exposure quantification method designed to bring a more intelligible numeric dimension to risk oversight.

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AQ Assist - The Purchasing Process Management Solution

AQ Assist is a solution that addresses the process needs of private companies that roll out large and complex acquisition projects. It helps them better and more systematically manage activities (planning, budgeting, RFIs, RFQs, offer selection etc.) and generate the required documentation for the payment approval and settlement processes including for projects involving EU funding and institutions.

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FocusON Pharma

Could you increase the additional revenue based on product placement?

  • Industry research shows that medicine purchases are dependent on season, weather and, of course, shelf position.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to increase sales on higher margin products only by better placing them on the shelves?
  • How about adding additional revenue streams from promoting preferential shelf space to your suppliers?

What is FocusON Pharma?

A web-based, one-stop-shop solution for pharmacies to centrally manage all their display shelves space and contract it to the supplier companies for their merchandising activities.

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Service Order

Our leading project is the development of the Service Order System of Telekom. We started this project from an innovative vision in 2004 and, even after all this time, it became so critical for our client that we continued to support it and improve it. The Service Order is a system that manages the internal service orders and their delivery to the subscribers. 3,000 people from all operational departments use the system, it runs on a 2 terabyte database and covers the following business areas:

  • Call center
  • Stores
  • Sales & business support
  • Billing Back Office
  • Network work centers
  • Technical Support
  • Quality control
  • Marketing

The complexity of the technical and business processes supported by our Service Order application can be found in the related data/logical structures:

  • 1000+ tables
  • 600+ client objects
  • 3000+ server objects
  • Over 100.000 code lines
  • Synchronous & asynchronous interfaces with Billing, Customer Activation, Remote Service, Dispatch, Fault Management, Dealers Management etc.

The history of this collaboration decisively helped us acquire a sophisticated expertise in the specifics of this industry.