Cost Effective Software Development & Outsourcing

From software development to application management outsourcing, we understand our client’s needs, both at the moment of their request as well as in the long run.

What we bring to the table

Sinoptix is a fully featured software development organization offering full service software development work. We cover it all from the initial client brief, drafting the application architecture and functional specifications to building prototypes and developing a fully functional solution. Based on our experience and expertise we can bring in suggestions and new angles of looking at the final result of the project so our client can rest assured of the safety of their investment.Apart from what we develop ourselves, we have the experience of taking on solutions developed by others. We can take them under administration, provide support for them, further expand and improve them as the client needs.

Dedicated Team

For customers focusing on their core business but still needing the assurance of a dedicated team, we can allocate the required amount of resources to meet the agreed service levels. We can always provide our customers with a dedicated team for long term tasks, comprising the whole range of competent specialists, from business and application analysts to developers and testers.

The customers will be able to focus on their critical core business activities and still get a comprehensive service quality that will not require additional management.

Fixed Price

We provide development services, based on the available technical specifications, according to a predetermined fixed price for a certain scope of work within an agreed time frame. After analyzing project requirements and specifics, we always discuss and agree additional details together with the customer.
Clear and precise requirements, well-defined purposes and realistic risk assessment, combined with the agreed fixed price, ensure on-time and in-budget project fulfillment. After completing the project, the customer approves the deliverables based on the acceptance criteria.

Time & Material

We can also dynamically adapt to long-term projects with changing requirements and varying scope of work. For such projects we propose a time and material collaboration model. Due to our flexibility, we can always adjust time and the level of provided human resources according to on-going changes in the project’s activities in a seamless fashion.