What are we about?

Sinoptix is about helping our clients do their business better, faster and more efficient. It is about helping them meet the demands of their own clients, keep their commitments and consistently deliver value.

Brief History

We developed into a vast pool of knowledge and expertise in the area of customer service delivery for telecom operators. Together with our clients we developed and continuously improved solutions that streamline the activities involved in connecting subscribers, adding new services to their subscription, managing changes, disconnections and roll-backs in such a way to prevent wastage, save costs and maintain a constant level of subscriber satisfaction.
Over time, our solution became critical to our customers, which raised the level of our responsibility and commitment. Especially in these times of economic difficulty, being able to provide services in a cost effective way is essential to our clients. This is where we bring in value through our ability to understand our client’s needs and turn them into useful solutions.


Our people are well trained, experienced and motivated to be of help to our clients. We best understand what teaming up with our client means as for a long time our teams are embedded with our clients’ technical teams and closely work together every day.

We are organized functionally to ensure fast reaction to our client’s requirements. Our teams are led by experienced and motivated professionals that provide both the required leadership and the necessary balance of the team.

Solution seeking is also our team’s strong point. Solutions are not unilateral decisions made by our management but the result of team work and debate. Finding the solution doesn’t always solve the problem.

The solution needs to be understood and accepted by the client too. And this is where our client centricity comes from.


Our philosophy is simple. We love to help. Finding new challenges that we can help with is what we like to do. It is about putting our capabilities to good use and make sure we consistently deliver value to the people and organizations we work with.

In today’s world it is “business performance” that defines what is viewed to be a good and reliable company. This is based on how much a company is able to sell or how much profit it makes.

Our perspective is different – we chose to measure our success based on how much we can be of help to our clients. We derive that from how fast, how effective and for how many times we were able to solve their problems.

We therefore strive to achieve “help performance” and we consider our business performance only as one of the enhancing factors of our ability to help.

We are looking forward to being able to help you too…


We want you to be comfortable with the solution you choose, with the money you spend and with the benefits you will get.

First of all, we won’t sell you anything. We will do our best to understand your business, your system infrastructure, your difficulties and your challenges.

Then, only if we can really help, we will start working with you on shaping a solution up into a proposal. Your input will always be required and appreciated, we will always provide you with all relevant details for making a decision and we will keep you informed on the progress.

The final, agreed proposal, will contain the price which, again, can be discussed from any angle – where possible, it can be discounted, divided by implementation stages or into yearly payments etc.


We are not offering to remove or replace anything from your system infrastructure unless you want us to. Our main goal is to help you reap the most benefits from what you already have invested in by making it work even better.

In our view there is no perfect solution, there are only solutions that work. Making solutions work or improving the way they work is what we do, through our business optimization approach.

Our staged approach contains the following milestones:

  • Understanding (your business, your infrastructure, your needs etc.)
  • Designing (a solution for bridging the gap between the “as is” and the desired situation)
  • Confirming (the solution with you, simulating and testing it to make sure it works)
  • Amending (the solution if necessary)
  • Implementing (the solution if we agree to proceed)


A relationship with us can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Cost effective access to high level expertise and experience acquired by working with highly demanding international clients
  • Cost reductions and savings through operational optimization
  • Guided, transparent and predictable purchasing experience
  • Flexible solutions from every perspective (from technical to cost)
  • Open, future proof technologies to ensure long-term use and investment protection and efficiency
  • Availability to reach agreements comfortable to the client