In the last year and a half, Sinoptix was deeply involved into one of its clients’ largest projects to date, the consolidation of the whole client base on Service Order.

The project started in September 2016 and was successfully delivered in June 2017. Sinoptix’ involved required the team to grow by around 40% and, at maximum load, the people delivered additional effort equivalent to more than 60% of the company’s size before the project.

We are very proud of our team and its involvement as well as the results delivered on this project. Capitalizing on our larger capacity, the already set-up teams and the trial by fire that forged us in the last year, we are ready to move on to do bigger things.

Our current focus is on providing support and development services to large enterprises that want to cut costs and enhance the benefits they reap from their enterprise systems. Concentrating on the core business and outsourcing the activities related to system maintenance and further development ensures more agile and efficient operation, with positive impact on the bottom-line.

We’re currently looking at exciting development engagements where we can use our extensive expertise in the CRM field. Apart from that, we are considering interesting opportunities to adapt our risk quantification solution – MetRisQ – to address the specifics of the scientific research and large, critical infrastructures.

2018 already looks very interesting to us. Keep close and prepare to be amazed… 🙂