Considering the high level of complexity of the requirements for EU financing and the negative impact of not properly observing them, our solution comes to help the EU funding applicants by providing the ability to define:

  • Projects – milestones, activities, budgets, acquisitions, roles, workload by role
  • Roles – personnel pre-allocation by roles and various responsibility levels
    • From a central catalogue, the consultants are allocated by roles and their respective specifications and are available as a list by project based on their capabilities and experience level.
  • Tasks/Activities – which can be generated by the HR department in order to complete contracts
  • Budgets
  • The ability to monitor:
    • Project delivery terms and conditions
    • Acquisition completion
    • Budget limits and delivery deadlines
  • The ability to generate:
    • Activity reporta
    • EU specific documentation based on templates that automatically fill-in the acquisition details

EU project funding also cover the investment in our solution. Apart from not having to additionally invest in this functionality, our solution allows the users to significantly reduce:

  • The workload of the human resources allocated on projects
  • Error occurance
  • The responsibility and the costs related to EU regulation compliance

Based on the above, our solution is a positive example of balance between costs and benefits and offers long term advantages by supporting the success of EU funded projects.

Please find embedded below a more in depth presentation of AQ Assist. (Downloadable as PDF in Romanian)