Sinoptix SA has finalized the first implementation stage of Infinica, a high-performance Customer Communication Automation solution, at Telekom, one of Romania’s largest telecom operators.

Business Need

Our client used a large number of templates for client contract generation. The challenges related to this approach included:

  • Difficulties in managing the large number of templates
  • Time and labor intensive template maintenance
  • Difficulties in re-using document elements
  • Losses in involved labor and materials


Sinoptix provided the business analysis and document re-factoring through which redundant content was consolidated within the same document, reducing the amount of printing, the necessity to maintain the same content in several places.

Based on the analysis, Sinoptix built a document generation automation solution based on the Infinica – Document Composition and Distribution Platform.

Our solution allowed for document components to be shared and reused among fewer templates, to be reused as needed in additional templates and increased the ability to personalize the generated documents, based on specific parameters of the addressees, regardless of their number.

The solution can generate documents automatically or on-demand, based on conditions predefined in a set of business rules specific to the template. Moreover, common elements of the pool of templates can be managed centrally, in one single place (e.g. the header logo can be stored in a specific folder and be used in any of the templates. If it needs change, it can be replaced in the specific folder).

Bulk document generation of personalized documents is also possible allowing for increased productivity and savings from reducing human intervention and materials involved.

Delivery Time & Performance

The solution was delivered for testing in less than 2 months. This achievement was possible due to the thorough analysis work that eliminated possible redundancies and unnecessary complexity.

On top of that, the production test for bulk document generation was completed in 43 minutes. The output consisted of 4 large PDF files containing 8,543 documents, with a total of 66,140 pages. This means up to 25.6 pages generated per second which is exactly the performance promise Infinica makes to its clients.


The immediate benefits included:

  • Cost savings due to process automation and reduction in the number of templates
  • Costs savings from paper and labor
  • Faster and better re-use of template elements
  • Ability to generate both individual and bulk documents
  • More advancedx personalization options

Longer term benefits include:

  • The possibility to optimize further the contract document generation processes
  • The ability to expand the use of the platform in other departments (such as marketing)

About Infinica

INFINICA is an innovative software and service company for smart documents and a pioneer in document composition and document distribution (output management). INFINICA streamlines clients’ business processes and create smart solutions for automated, personalized document composition and interactive electronic forms.

Since 2015, Sinoptix SA became a regional partner of INFINICA. Currently Sinoptix has a team of 3 Infinica certified specialists who, alongside our team of analysts and developers, can assist any client with solving issues related to high volume document generation.